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Hisilicon H.265 IP Camera open 4K High resolution Market

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In September, 2015,  Shenzhen Rise Electronic Co.,Ltd develop the H.265 IP Camera series, open the 4K High resolution Security Market.

The advantage of H.265 IP Camera as followed:

September 2014, Hisilicon - the world leading Semi-Conductor manufacturer, introduces first IP camera SoC - Hi3516A which is based on H.265/HEVC standard. Hi3516A SoC adopts advanced H.265/HEVC algorithm to improve compression efficiency, using its own technology to reduce lagging and block effects in motion scenes, maintain high image quality while reducing bit-rate 50%.

Meanwhile, Hi3516A is a flexible ARM Cortex-A7 processor, which integrates smart analysis unit IVE2.0 to provide more than 40 different kinds of smart video analytic including plate license recognition, perimeter detection, facial detection...etc. Its true multi-frame combination based wide dynamic range (WDR) and patented third generation 3D digital noise reduction enable camera to capture high quality images under harsh lighting conditions. H.2516A supports video encoding for 5 megapixel, utilizing advanced network transmission technology, the camera's video latency can be as low as 100ms.

Hisilicon will introduce Hi3536, which is first H.265/HEVC processor for ultra high definition video surveillance storage and NVR. Hi3526 processor utilizes Hisilicon advanced video processing technology, supports 16 channel 1080P H.265/HEVC video recording or 4 channel 4K resolution H.265/HEVC. Support 4K@60fps video displaying, or 9 channel 1080P@30fps video output.

Meanwhile, H.3536 flexible advanced 4 core ARM Cortex-A17 processor (performance is higher 1.6 times than Cortex-A9), clock reaches 1.6GHz, also integrated an ARM high-end GPU-Mali T721, offering perfect UI and smart video analysis function design, through combining Hisilicon patented IVE2.0, it can provide up to 40 different kinds of smart video functions. Hi3536 supports 4 SATA 3.0 interface to meet needs of ultra high definition video storage, while supporting dual GMAC, network speeds reach up to 640Mbit/s.